Effective Practices in Context

Share Your Effective Practices/Model/Approaches!!

Bob McCarty once said that all good youth ministry is borrowed. In reality, it is in the sharing of ideas and resources that a creative and innovative approach to ministry, especially catechesis, can be customized to each unique community.

To help with this, NIAC wants to provide  a resource of practices, programs, and approaches that people in the field have found effective in their community’s setting. By identifying key descriptors parishes and schools can find ideas that have worked in communities similar to their own.

To make this happen WE NEED YOU!!!

Please share with us any non-copyrighted: 

  • learning session
  • Confirmation preparation program design
  • parent and youth catechesis
  • family faith sharing activities
  • Catechumenate designs for adolescents
  • adaptations for people with special needs
  • catechetical components that are part of another activity such as a service project, etc.
  • campus ministry project embodies catechesis
  • ways to get the whole parish or school involved in adolescent catechesis
  • your school or parish’s catechetical plan 

Be creative but make sure the practice addresses at least one of the outcomes or foundational elements found in the Vision and Outcomes document.

For every practice you submit, you will be entered into that month’s drawing for approximately $150 in ministry resources.

To start,

  1. Download and read The Vision and Outcomes Statement regarding adolescent catechesis. This document will help you to understand the vision, foundational elements, and outcomes of adolescent catechesis.
  2. Identify what foundation element(s) and/or outcome(s) your practice addresses. For example, if  your practice is a tool that parents can use to foster faith converstations in the home, then your practice address “Empowered parents and faith-filled families.”
  3. Map out exactly what the practice/activity/program entails. Do not forget to identify resources needed. Also, if  your practice uses any previously copyrighted material-like a prayer from a book or an activity from a magazine-do not copy the text into your description instead cite the title of the item, the author, text name, and page number.
  4. Identify why you think this practice is effective.
  5. Then when your are ready, click here and you will be taken to the form to enter all this information. Unfortunately the website will not allow you to save and come back to finish, so you may want to download a copy of the questions that will be asked to make sure you have everything at the start.

When your practice is submitted, it will be anonymously peer-reviewed.  A committee will not know who the person is submitting the practice or where he/she is from. After they review your submission and it will hopefully be posted online. Submitting an idea does not guarenteed it posting.



Recommend a Parish, School, or Individual!

Perhaps you have encountered or have been influenced by a parish, school, or individual’s approach to adolescent catechesis. If you recommend them, not only will they be entered into a drawing for approximately $150.00 in resources but you will be entered into a drawing for approximately $50.00 in resources.

Click here to enter their information!

If you have any questions, please contact Ela Milewska at ElaM@NFCYM.org