SCHOOL TAC Templates, Resources, and Samples


Under Templates you will find all the templates mentioned in the LPAC Workbook including hard copies of the surveys in English and Spanish.


SI-A   Sample Meeting (MS Word)

Milestone 1

S1-A:   Prayer Card (MS Word) You can customize the logo by double-clicking the words “Your Parish Here” or click text and then click “Edit Text.” Print on cardstock.

Milestone 2

S2-A:   Ideas for Logo and Buttons (JPG in a Word Document) Edit logo by double-clicking the words “Parish Name Here.” You can then “group” the text and the logo and use in your own work.

S2-B:   Sample “Destination Postcard” Postcard (MS Word) These make two cards per sheet. Change text by double clicking box. Affix mailing labels to send or handout at different occasions.

S2-D:   Share the Vision (PDF)

Milestone 3

S3-A School Profile(PDF)

S3-B Appraisal of Formation Practices(PDF)

S3-C NIAC School Parent/Guardian Survey (PDF)

S3-D NIAC School Students Survey (PDF)

S3-E NIAC School Leader Survey (PDF)

S3-F Summary of Appraisal (PDF)

S3-G Summary of Surveys (PDF)

S3-H Final Summary of Practices (PDF)

S3-I:     Survey Postcard(MS Word)

S3-J:    Survey Flyer (MS Word)

S3-K:   Announcements (MS Word)

Milestone 4


Milestone 5

S5-A:    CE Night Invitation(MS Word)

S5-B:    CE Reminder Postcard(MS Word)

S5-C:    CE Reminder Text(MS Word)

S5-D:   Name Tag Template (MS Word) Designed to be printed on standard Name Tag stock (Avery 5395 and similar)

S5-E:   Vision and Outcomes Statement – English (PDF)

S5-E:    Vision and Outcomes Statement – Spanish (PDF)

S5-F:   Gaps Handout (MS Word)

S5-G:   Good News Handout (MS Word)

S5-H:   Commitment Card (MS Word) These are designed to printed  on standard business card stock (Avery 5371 and similar)

S5-I:    Community Engagement Night Slides (MS PowerPoint) 5.2 MB

S5-J:    Community Engagment Night Slides and Notes for Presenter (PDF) 1 MB

Milestone 6


Milestone 7

S7-A:   Extra Action Plan sheets (PDF)

Milestone 8

S8-A:   Sample Handout with destination postcard and goals (Word) editable

S8-B:   Ideas for Logos and Buttons (Word)

S8-C:   Pledge Cards

S8-D:   Family Recipe Cards

S8-E:   How to Host Your Own Party (PDF)

Milestone 9


Milestone 10