Milestone 1: Prayer Base-what other communities are doing Posts

Share with other communities how you are developed a prayer base.

In the subject put a short description and don’t forget to include your PARISH NAME and CITY, STATE in the post.


Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Hi everyone!
Our team from Mount St. Mary Catholic High School just met to cover milestone 1. Our group has a lot of good ideas about this process and the areas we believe our school community can grow and work with others. Some of our plans for implementing Milestone 1 include:
~writing a prayer for this process
~sharing the prayer with our community via: facebook groups, principal’s email, postcards, website, etc.
~having an email/text prayer for our group members to share prior to meetings (our TAC prayer, daily readings, other reflections, etc.)
~having our principal start each meeting by discussing ways she sees the Holy Spirit working within our school community (to help engage those members of our team who aren’t interacting on campus on a regular basis)