Virtual Symposium

The Virtual Symposium Component
This conversation is so important that we believe in should also be happening in dioceses around the country. Therefore Partnership for Adolescent Catechesis is excited to offer the opportunity for you to participate in the Virtual Symposium on Adolescent Catechesis! We are partnering with to enable anyone who is interested to hear the proceedings of the National Symposium.

What is a Virtual Symposium?
Given the size limitations of the on-site National Symposium that will be held November 5-8 in Baltimore with 100 people, the Virtual Symposium will allow a large number of participants to hear and see the same presentations and engage in the same discussion processes as those attending the live event. The Virtual Symposium will be hosted on

The Virtual Symposium (VS) will be a recorded archive of the National Symposium. Participating groups in the VS will be able to design their own schedule, once the actual Symposium has been completed. For example, your group could spread your VS over the course of several weeks, or participants could view the Symposium at home on their own computers and then gather for discussions, or groups could view and discuss only portions of the Symposium.

Registration is not required to view the components of the Virtual Symposium but we do ask that you consider completing the online reporting form.

Virtual Symposium Availability
The Virtual Symposium is online at Click “Search” and type in “Virtual Symposium on Adolescent Catechesis”.

At the “Virtual Symposium” space at you will find several sections:

  • The first is a Pre-Symposium section that includes a listing of sessions and times, readings, and pre-Symposium reflection and discussion questions. These items are currently available below.
  • The next sections are associated with the different Symposium sessions. They will include large high-quality videos what can be played for your symposium. They may also include handouts of the presenter’s slides, a written paper associated with the presentation, a discussion guide, and a short introduction video. The final section is the post-Symposium follow-up and evaluation. We ask that each group participating complete this form and email it to the National Initiative.

How your group decides to structure your Symposium is entirely up to you. We recommend, however, that after each session you engage in the same discussions used at the National Symposium. We have allotted 30-45 minutes of discussion per major presentation.

A key aspect will be to engage in the final discussion which is “Creating Plans for Action.” This discussion and planning session will enable you to implement the insights you have received from the Symposium and to offer thoughts to the national discussion.