Why We Believe This Process Works

We believe that the Transforming Adolescent Catechesis process  works because:

  • It addresses the system and context for adolescent catechesis
  • It is intentional in how it involves the community and especially families
  • It does not tax already overburdened and under-funded diocesan offices
  • It is self-replicating
  • it does not replace what is being done but helps communities to identify the publishers, speakers, organizations that can provided the needed supportive resources
  • It is respectful of the culture of the community
  • It isn’t for everyone but the resources are available to help everyone
  • This is being presented to NFCYM , NCEA and NCCL – a truly collaborative venture
  • It will provide parishes and schools with a process that enables their local teams to develop  a blueprint or a map for comprehensive adolescent catechesis

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