What is Does My Diocese Commit to Doing?

We will be piloting the Transforming Adolescet Catechesis process in several dioceses in the summer and fall 2011 and envision a national roll-out at the beginning of 2012.

Before engaging in this process, the diocese must be able to provide a unified support for this effort among diocesan school, parish, and youth ministry support personnel.

You will need to be able to identify the possibility of five to seven local coaches. When looking for coaches, it is not critical that they are experts in catechesis but by the nature of their personality, can be a good coach of people. Coaches need to be:

  • Individuals of good credibility
  • Able to learn processes and concepts quickly
  • Works well and enjoys working with others
  • Self-motivated
  • Available
  • Reliable
  • Understands the ministerial environment he/she will be working with.

So that you can reproduce this process again and again, you will need to be able to identify one or more local trainer. This trainer will also meet with coaches  on a regular basis to check-in.

Transforming Adolescet Catechesis  has one onsite training session. This session includes a meeting prior to the session for coaches and trainers.

Finally we believe it is important that the diocese be able to make a commitment to the participating parishes/school that they will be able to provide or identify providers for resources, training, etc. that may be discerned through the process.

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