Benefits for Dioceses, Parishes, and Schools

For dioceses, we recognize that many diocesan offices have had cut backs not only in budgets but in personnel, so for you the Transforming Adolescent Catechesis process offers:

  • A cost-effective resource for parishes and schools
    • The cost of this process will require only covering the stipend for coaches, the initial trainer, and associated travel and host costs.
    • The costs for the development of the resources and manuals are covered by our grants from Lilly and OSV.
  • Quality, experienced professionals initiating the process within your diocese.
    • Upon your invitation a national level trainer will initiate the process in your diocese. He or she will not only train your coaches and local trainer but will facilitate the first on-site session for your communities.
  • A process can be reproduced as often as needed.
    • The diocese will be able to reproduce the process without the need to bring in outside personnel
    • Your new pool of trained coaches and trainers will be able to use the training, coaching, parish and school manuals again and again in community after community

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