Transforming Adolescent Catechesis

TAC 4 processThe National Initiative on Adolescent Catechesis is proud to announce the development of a process for parishes and schools that helps re-envision how communities think about and engages in adolescent catechesis, in order to cultivate the most fruit within youth and help them grow in their Catholic identity—a process that changes the very culture for catechesis in the community.

Transforming Adolescent Catechesis capitalizes on the gifts cpp-regand strengths of the school or parish to form youth in the faith that we all know to be life-giving. This is not just a program for your community; it is a process for transformation.

Through Transforming Adolescent Catechesis parishes and schools will assess the current landscape of adolescent catechesis in their communities, identifying strengths, gaps, and trends. Using this inventory along with learning seminars, communities will design a new map for catechesis that reflects the gifts, needs, and culture of the community. Once this vision has been created, the process includes steps on how to implement the plan.

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