Confirmation Prep Project

Given everything we now know about the spirituality of Catholic youth, effective catechesis, and good youth ministry, how might we increase Confirmation preparation’s potential to be a more formative experience?

The National Initiative on Adolescent Catechesis is proud to partner with Dr. Michael Carotta on an exciting project to enhance your current efforts with Confirmation preparation.

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. Instead of developing a brand new program,cpp-reg the Project asks communities to make enhancements to their already existing confirmation preparation process.

Confirmation teams gather for a diocesan planning day during which they reflect on their current program. Teams learn about and choose two to three enhancements to augment their confirmation prep program in the next year. Access is given to an online national network of other parishes who are addressing the same enhancements. Midway through their enhanced program teams will all gather again in the diocese for an evaluate-and-adjust meeting. Bookending the process is an evaluation survey by past and present confirmation candidates so that impact of the enhancements can be assessed.


All parishes will engage in the first enhancement:

1. Promote discipleship as the expectation for life after confirmation.

They then choose one or more of the following:

2. Recognize and describe the presence and effect of the Holy Spirit

3. Evaluate and own one’s Catholic identity

4. Develop a Spiritual Growth Plan

5. Engage in challenging moral and theological reflection

6. Gain skills and knowledge to articulate the nature of one’s faith, experiences of grace, and grasp of the Tradition

7. Complete formational exercises outside of Confirmation sessions

8. Experience the parish as a mentoring environment

If your parish or diocese would like to participate in the Confirmation Prep Project, please contact Ela Milewska.